IF we were, as a society, TRULY worried about the safety of our children and wives…THIS is what we should be worried about!

3,400 sexual abuse cases
Donald Lukens (Ohio Republican) resigned in 1990 before facing an investigation for fondling a female Washington elevator operator.
Brock Adams (Washington Democrat) accused by 8 women of commiting various acts of sexual misconduct ranging from sexual harassment to Rape. (1992)
Robert Packwood (Oregon Republican) resigned his office in 1995 after 29 women came forward with claims of sexual harassment, abuse and assaults. Though he denied any wrong doing he was contradicted by his own diary entries bboasing of his sexual conquests.
Ed Schrock (Virginia Republican) caught on tape in 2004 soliciting s3x from a male prostitute
Mark Foley (Florida Republican) resigned his seat in 2006 when he was accused of sending sexually explicit emails to teenage male congressional pages.
Eric Massa (New York Democrat) resigned in 2010 to avoid an ethics investigation that stemmed from his admitting to groping and tickling multiple male staffers

80 % of all child abusers are the father, stepfather, foster father or another relative/close family friend of the victim.


SO while I totally respect your right to boycott Target ( ‪#‎boycotttarget‬ ) based on a  made up scenario that has absolutely  no validity. Just remember that you MUST be an equal opportunity boycotter!


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