Paule Saviano

A few weeks ago we were put in touch with a Documentary photographer by another friend with a transgender child.  He is doing a photo documentary about transgender children around the world.  He wants to show that being trans TRANScends culture, race, religion etc.

ANYWAY.  We scheduled our shoot for yesterday and Rose LOVED it.  She was really nervous at first because she wasn’t sure how to be a model, but she is a natural! When he interviewed her I couldn’t believe that she was my child.  She was so eloquent and really opened up about her journey thusfar.

Our pastor was there with us and after listening to the interview would like to do a story on Rose featuring Paule’s photographs for the church.  Rose really will change the world, even if it is just HER world.

Paule uses film rather than digital so the actual shots will not be ready for about 2 weeks.  He sent me some of the ones he took using his iphone just so he could show Rose what the composition looked like. Here are the 5 he sent to me via email last night.


2 thoughts on “Paule Saviano

    1. Thank you Kevin. She is also very outspoken. Paule will include a quote from his interview with the image he chooses for the documentary. It will be interesting to see what he chooses. Wish I would have recorded the interview portion. It brought tears to the eyes of 3 adults!

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