My job as an Ally

I often see a lot of anger towards us Allies.  Not JUST from those who are opposed to the LGBTQIA “lifestyle”  but from the LGBTQIA community itself.  They feel, maybe correctly, that allies try to talk over them or make themselves out to be THE VOICE of all in the LGBQIA community.  I hope that is never me.  IF it is then call me out on it!

It is my job to SUPPORT the community.  As someone who is pansexual (not my own term)  I am TECHNICALLY a part of the community, but I just don’t feel like I am the one being attacked.  Maybe because pansexuality isn’t as advertised when those who oppose the community speak out against them.

Right now my child is 10.  She needs me to fight for her until she can fight for herself.  It is my job to make sure she has as safe of an existence as possible.  It is my job to teach her how to speak for herself and plug her into opportunities that give her the chance to do so.  I will do so with no apologies … to anyone.  It is not my goal to “exploit” her.  If she wanted to speak up for any other community (learning disabled, congenital heart defects, etc) which she is a part of I wouldn’t hold back,  I will not hold back because the community she wants to represent is the Transgender community.


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